Cost Effective Corporate Eyecare

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    Cost Effective Corporate Eyecare

    Davies Optical – Eye Tests at Work provide on-site eye tests and glasses throughout North-West England, satisfying health and safety regulations and promoting staff welfare.

  • VDU Glasses

    Most of us use computers every day for our jobs. Do you as an employer provide your employees with regular eye tests and VDU specific glasses if necessary?

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  • Safety Eyewear

    If you need to provide eye protection for your employees look no further than Davies Optical. Our Optometrists are qualified to measure, supply and fit safety spectacles and goggles to your employees at the workplace.

    We ensure the lenses are specific for the job and carry the EN166 markings.

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  • Drivers

    If you employ a fleet of cars, trucks, vans, other HGVs it is your due diligence of care to ensure drivers eye sight is checked regularly. Not only may this improve your drivers road safety it could also reduce insurance claims.

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Welcome to Davies Optical – Eye Tests at Work

Davies Optical are a mobile opticians providing eye tests in your workplace – mainly to VDU users, drivers and those needing safety glasses (PPE). This avoids the need for employees to leave the building, saving your company both time and money.

You might need our services if you:

  • work with VDUs
  • need prescription safety spectacles
  • drive for a living
  • work in call centres

We’ve put together a brief summary of the health and safety regulations for these jobs.
Read it here